The Rule of Faith

Irenaeus: The Canon of Truth“Anyone who keeps unchangeable in himself the Rule of Truth received through baptism will recognize the names and sayings and parables from the Scriptures, but this blasphemous theme of theirs he will not recognize” (Irenaeus, Against the Heresies 1.9.4).

Bates, Cover Thumbnail. Birth of the TrinityThe “Rule of Faith” (regula fidei) or “Canon of Truth” (κανων της αληθειας; regula veritatis) was a narrative about the climactic significance of Jesus the Christ within God’s plan. As the hypothesis that explained the whole arrangement of God’s superintendence of the cosmos, the rule of faith was especially vital to the early Christians. It helped them articulate methods of scriptural interpretation over against deviant groups (such as the so-called gnostics) that believed salvation depended on acquiring esoteric knowledge. Consideration of the appropriate dimensions of the rule of faith has informed much of my writing.

BBates, Salvation by Allegiance AloneBates, Bookcover (1)Who am I?  A Christian professor and the author of several books: The Birth of the Trinity (Oxford University Press, 2015); The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation (Baylor University Press, 2012); and Salvation by Allegiance Alone (Baker Academic, forthcoming). I also co-host a popular podcast, OnScript, that focuses on author interviews in biblical studies.  (Here’s a brief bio).

OnScript with Matthew W. Bates and Matthew J. LynchOriginally I intended to develop a blog, but my formal professional responsibilities have made it difficult for me to blog consistently.  I may return to blogging eventually, but for now I am primarily maintaining this site to provide a web location that aggregates my published research (click here for abstracts or to download). In the meantime, read a book or give the podcast a listen!

I can be reached at mattbatesQU with the g-mail address extension.

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Matthew W. Bates, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor of Theology, Quincy University

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