The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation

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Against the prevailing models for understanding the Apostle Paul's interpretation and use of scripture, Matthew Bates proposes a fresh approach toward developing a Pauline hermeneutic. He combines historical criticism with an intertextual strategy that takes seriously the work of the early church fathers, and in so doing fills a void in current scholarship. Bates applies his method to both oft-referenced and underutilized passages in the writings of Paul and suggests a new model for Pauline hermeneutics that is centered on the apostolic proclamation of Christ. Published by Baylor University Press, 2012. Endorsements: Michael Gorman.

Reviews: RBL, BBR, RSR, ExpT, JTS, Themelios, Trinity Journal, and Theologische Literaturzeitung, and on various blogs.

Interviews: “Response: Hermeneutics of Apostolic Proclamation (pt 1 and 2).” Dunelm Road. Oct. 4 and 9, 2013. An invited response to Ben Blackwell’s review (part I, part II) of my first book.