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Salvation by Allegiance Alone

I am pleased to announce that a new book is now available for pre-order:

Matthew W. Bates, Salvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, forthcoming).

BBates, Salvation by Allegiance AloneWe are saved by faith when we trust that Jesus died for our sins. This is the gospel, or so we are taught. But what is faith? And does this accurately summarize the gospel? Because faith is frequently misunderstood and the climax of the gospel misidentified, the gospel’s full power remains untapped. While offering a fresh proposal for what faith means within a biblical theology of salvation, Matthew Bates presses the church toward a new precision: we are saved solely by allegiance to Jesus the king. Instead of faith alone, Christians must speak about salvation by allegiance alone. Includes discussion questions for students, pastors, and church groups. Foreword by Scot McKnight.

OnScript, Podcast Conversations

OnScript with Matthew W. Bates and Matthew J. Lynch

OnScript with Matthew W. Bates and Matthew J. Lynch

Do you enjoy conversations about biblical scholarship?–especially about how the ideas of leading authors intersect with their own lives, church, and broader culture?¬† OnScript ( is a new podcast hosted by myself and my long-time friend, Matt Lynch, who is Dean of Studies and Professor of the Old Testament at Westminster Theological Centre. Our focus is author interviews regarding recent biblical studies titles.

We’ve had a terrific line-up of initial interviews, including Munther Isaac, From Lands to Lands; Joshua Jipp, Christ is King; David Lambert, How Repentance Became Biblical; Michael Gorman, Becoming the Gospel; Meghan Henning, Educating Early Christians through the Rhetoric of Hell; John Barclay, Paul and the Gift; Peter Enns, The Sin of Certainty; Matthew Schlimm, This Strange and Sacred Scripture; Joel¬† Green, Conversion in Luke-Acts; Brennan Breed, Nomadic Text.

We’ve got some great interviews on the near horizon: Jon Levenson, The Love of God; Crispin Fletcher-Louis, Jesus Monotheism; David Downs, Alms; and Richard Hays, Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels.

Check out OnScript!